If you are new to Japanese music, I think this interactive music collection will be the most suitable for listening to music from Japan for the first time. It is no secret that one of the reasons for my personal interest in Japan, among other things that I write about on this blog, are also traditional Japanese musical motives.

What is Japanese music like in the songs from this collection? I think it’s not even a violin .. it’s something different in terms of the sound of instruments. In the sense that the "Japanese violin" is not the traditional violin that we are all so used to.

At the time of publishing this post, I am not too professional in my knowledge of all traditional Japanese musical instruments to give them an exact name here. By ear, these are bamboo instruments. However, the Japanese mix in their music with the sounds of their nature, which usually prevail, and often take more than half of the accompaniment.

Japanese music bears little resemblance to Indian music, or similar to what we usually think of as "ethnic" music. In my opinion, Japanese music is much more harmonious. Also, each track usually tells a story of its own.

In order for the music to play - turn on the sound on the panel at the bottom of the player

The collection, in my opinion, is represented by a fairly good selection of compositions. Traditional compositions are mixed with tracks that are more modern, but not devoid of a Japanese motive. The "mixing" itself is absent in the DJ understanding, but here it is not necessary. A list of some of the playing tracks is presented below in the text:

  • David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Paul Kantner - Wooden Ship [Download]
  • Oliver Shanti & Friends - Sacral Nirvana (radio Edit) [Download]
  • Uttara-kuru - Wings Of The Eagle [Download]
  • Healing Collection - Silent Moon [Download]
  • Karunesh - Calling Wisdom [Download]
  • Kevin Kern - The Winding Path [Download]
  • Hideo Osaka Ensemble - Autumn Sorrow [Download]

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