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One of the most distinct from the rest of the group of islands in Japan is Okinawa. There are certainly many different islands in Japan. In this distant eastern country there are many different beautiful places, both with beautiful nature and attractions. However, Okinawa stands out among them.

For example, those of you who are fond of martial arts have probably heard about Okinawa before. However, most of you most likely have not been there physically. This video is one of the ways to look at this place. In this video, the tour takes place from the car window.

It should also be said that Okinawa is known not only for its nature and martial arts. Okinawa also has an "American Region". Or it would be more correct to call this place an American village built in the Texas style. Or Miami style. This village is located near the US military base.

For citizens from "third world countries" an interesting point here will be the right to drive a car. With a license obtained in such countries, you cannot drive a car in Japan, and in particular in Okinawa. That is, for example, "international rights" obtained in a country such as Russia or in neighboring CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and others) will not be valid here. The same goes for India and African countries. You need to obtain a Japanese driver's license to drive around Okinawa and the rest of the roads and serpentines in Japan. I think a driver's license from the United States and the European Union may well work for renting a car. But I'm not 100% sure about that.

roads of the island of Okinawa, Japan

A little about the rules of driving on Japanese roads.

Crossing a solid line will incur a fine of $150. And also you will be "deducted" two points from your driver's license. Japanese driver's licenses have a point system. This system of points is built in such a way that it is enough to cross the solid line three times so that you have to retake the license exam again. That is, by default, a Japanese driver's license has "+6 points".

Exceeding the speed limit is not prohibited if the backlash does not exceed 20 kilometers. That is, for example, where there is a 50 km/h restriction sign, you can drive 65. However, starting from 70 km/h inclusive in the given example, you will already be considered an offender. For this violation, a fine of $80 is issued, and minus 2 points from the driver's license.

If the speed is exceeded by more than 30 km/h from the indicated number on the road sign, then the fine will be greater - about $300. And most likely, with this type of speeding, you will be deprived of your driver's license for a period of 1 month. These rules apply to urban roads. On highways, different rules apply, as a rule there the clearance of the permitted speeding is slightly greater.

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