The coronavirus pandemic has had a relatively bad impact on businesses in many countries. However, some global companies like Amazon, focused exclusively on online markets, are experiencing some upsurge due to their specifics. But basically, most of the businesses are still closed, or they suffer losses.

Some companies have learned to survive in an era of constraints, financial turbulence and falling demand. But in fact, all they manage to achieve at the moment is to reduce costs. One such example is the Japanese airline ANA.

This news could be a good example of that. Because ANA's business is beginning to be a little less than completely dependent on the current situation caused by the pandemic. Since, during the period of "Codiv-restrictions", the flow of tourists, both to Japan and from the country, is significantly reduced.

Japanese airline ANA Holdings

Photo source: IGN24

As reported by «Japan Today», the Japanese corporation ANA Holdings Inc gave information on Friday about the state of affairs and some situation in the financial climate within the company. The corporation announced that it has so far forecast a net loss for the fiscal year ended March of 405 billion yen ($ 3.75 billion), down from a previous estimate of 510 billion yen due to efforts to cut costs and reduce tax burden.

ANA said its operating loss is expected to be 465 billion yen, down from its original forecast of 505 billion yen on sales of 725 billion yen, up from the previous forecast of 740 billion yen. The announcement came amid weak demand for air travel due to the continued impact of the new coronavirus pandemic.

"ANA", the parent company of "All Nippon Airways Co", has reduced operations on both domestic and international flights and replaced large passenger aircraft with smaller ones as part of its efforts to reduce fixed costs.

The airline is slated to release its fiscal 2020 income statement next Friday.

In January, "ANA" reported a record net loss of 309.58 billion yen for the April-December period, down from its net profit of 86.45 billion yen a year earlier.

The business environment for airlines in Japan remains tough due to the resurgence of coronavirus infection across the country. The industry is likely to be hit as the government declared a state of emergency on Friday in Tokyo and the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo in western Japan ahead of the upcoming «Golden Week» holidays in late April.

Source: «Japan Today».