Today, dating is different from everything that was ever invented by humanity. Dating in the modern world, in the form in which they existed earlier, 10-15 years ago, ceased to be actual.
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And even more so dating are not actual in the form in which they existed before the penetration of the sexual revolution in our society. That is, in the "Venetian" times of artists and poets, or even in some medieval times.

This is at least strange, since modern society is still fueled by Russian and foreign classical literature. And people are brought up on fiction written in no longer relevant time periods. Irrelevant for the modern century, and especially for the last modern decade.

But modern literature has not yet penetrated the information space to a sufficient degree, since it is “clogged”. The space is obscured by the veil of YouTube and social networks, tons of various empty waste paper and just informational noise. Since earlier, when books were published some 40-50 years ago, the publication of the book required much more investment as mental work. Since the requests from society were more demanding. The practical and household expenses for publishing books were also higher.

Therefore, for today, the most important knowledge is perhaps the ability to choose literature qualitatively. Although I repeat, there is practically no such literature so that it can adequately correspond to modern time — the last 5-7 years. This is especially true for literature in Russian.

From the books of our time, we can distinguish the book of the ethologist Oleg Novoselov “Woman, a classbook for men” (Russian-language edition). This book stands apart.

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